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Silicone Pacifier - Matte Pink

Silicone Pacifier - Matte Pink

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Looking for a special pacifier for your baby? Look no further. Our K Mitchell Collections silicone pacifier is your one-stop destination. This K Mitchell Collections silicone pacifier has been thoughtfully designed to be a safer and comfortable choice for babies.  Aside from protecting your baby's skin with its smooth surface, the outward curve of the pacifier allows fresh air to enter, while the handle keeps your baby safe. Your baby's essential collection would be incomplete without this pacifier. Don't wait to get the best one.

Best gift for your little one.
It comes in different colors.
It is made of 100% soft silicone material.


    K Mitchell Collections silicone pacifiers should be boiled 3 minutes for first-time use and allowed to air dry before use. Clean the nipple before each use by washing it with warm water and mild soap, and perform a pull test inspection by pulling the nipple in all directions. Ensure that there are no cracks, tears, or excessive wear. Discard immediately if damaged. Some foods, dyes, and other liquids may cause staining and discoloration.



    Make sure to inspect before each use, especially once the baby has teeth. If damaged, throw it away immediately. In order to soothe, the nipple should be sucked, not chewed. Before using as a teether, insert nipple. Avoid typing around a child's neck to avoid the risk of strangulation and choking. Avoid putting a pacifier in direct sunlight or in a sweet substance.


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