K Mitchell Collections ( Growing with Luxury)   was founded by a visionary grandmother, inspired by the birth of her grandchildren, who were born just five days apart. Being a teenage mother herself, she recognized the importance of legacy and the value of creating something enduring for her family. Kimberly established the company with a deep commitment to accessibility and luxury. Our brand is a testament to overcoming challenges she faced as a young mother who wanted quality and luxury for her girls.   Her aim was to blend these elements seamlessly, ensuring that the products offered by K Mitchell Collections not only exude sophistication and elegance but are also accessible to a wider audience. The foundation of The KMC Brand is built on the principles of   quality, safety and legacy, aiming to serve not just the present generation but to be a treasure passed down through the generations. This brand stands as a testament to the grandmother's foresight, love, and ambition to leave a lasting mark on the world, making luxury accessible to all. Become a part of the K Mitchell Collections legacy where each product tells a story of love and   innovation. Let's make the world a more accessible and luxurious place for all, one step at a time.